Monday, August 16, 2010

Pepper Party

I'm at my Dad's for the week and our garden has flourished this summer. We have an overload of peppers. Cowhorns, Mexibells,Habeneros, and another kind who's name fleets from my memory. As a result of these bunches of peppers i was enlisted by my Papa to make salsa, and lots of it! I made 3 batches; hot, medium, and mild. All three delicious. First I roasted a multitude of peppers and garlic cloves, drizzled with olive oil at 350 degrees for about 10 mins or less. Each salsa started with a base of tomato paste, fresh cilantro, vinegar, salt, sage, rosemary, and ancho chili powder. The results were incredibly enjoyable. Fresh homemade salsa to the max!

I made the labels on photobucket :)

Medium Cowhorn-Mexibell Salsa:
-6 oz. tomato paste
-A handful of fresh cilantro
-3 tbs. dried cranberries
-4 tbs. white distilled vinegar
-1 1/2 tsp salt
-1 tsp. rubbed sage
-1 tsp. dried crushed rosemary
-1 tsp. cinnamon
- 2 tsp. chipotle chile powder
-2 tsp. Cayenne pepper
-3 roasted cowhorns
-2 roasted mexibells
-5 cloves roasted garlic
-half of a red onion [roughly chopped]
-2 medium fresh tomatoes [quartered]
-16 oz. can diced tomatoes [drained]

Put the tomato paste, cranberries, vinegar, and seasonings into the food processor, and combine until roughly smooth. Add in the roasted peppers and garlic and puree until the peppers and garlic are combined smoothly into the tomato paste mixture. Put in the red onion and fresh tomato quarters and pulse about 10 times. Finally add in the diced tomatoes and pulse another 10 times. Season to taste with chile powders, salt, herbs and/or pepper. Now you have yourself some fine and dandy salsa.

I bid you a fond farewell.

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