Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Egg Rolls, Say What?

My day was an adventure with Mama, we hit the road to pay a day visit with my older brother, Lee, at his apartment up at school. We watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and i cooked everyone dinner. Now at first i wasnt sure what to make, Lee suggested stir fry, so me and mama ran to the store to get the fixings. While we were there i came across these egg roll wraps; my mind smiled. I wanted to make egg rolls. I grabbed cabbage, carrots, green onions and radishes and plopped them in the cart.

Now I was thinking that this could go either way since I've never made egg rolls before, but I'm ballsy so I quite frankly didn't give a damn.

Once we got back i julliened the carrots, ciffonaded the cabbage, thinly sliced the raddishes, and chopped up the green onions. I then procceded to figure out how the hell you're supposed to wrap an egg roll.

First you place the egg roll wrap like a diamond and place the filling across the middle horozontally. Next you snugly fold the bottom flap of the wrap over top the filling. Then brush the sides with egg wash and fold the two sides in. Finally brush on some more eggwash on the edges and fold the top flap over and make sure the egg roll is sealled on all edges.

Egg Rolls To The Max:

-1 package of egg roll wraps

-1 head of cabbage

-2 long carrots

-1 small bunch of radishes

-5 green onions

-enough vegetable oil to cover the rolls during frying

Heat a large pot of oil on medium-high heat, ideally you want to get it to around 350 degrees F

Meanwhile take the head of cabbage and tear off the leaves, place them atop of one another and roll them into a cylinder shape, and slice. This is called a ciffonade, it will create ribbons of the cabbage. Juliene the carrots into thin match sticks, or buy them already precut into match sticks if you can. Slice the raddishes as thin as possible, use a mandoline if you have one. Cut off the green tops of the onions;discard. Slice the white and light green parts to use in the filling.

add the filling to the wraps and fold as instucted above ^

Now test the oil with a wooden spoon. Stick the end of a wooden spoon into the oil, if it bubbles all around it, then the oil is ready, if it doesnt, it needs to be hotter.

Fry until they're a light golden brown. Take out, brush with egg wash; put back into the oil and continue to fry until they are the crispness of your desire.

BTW they're called egg rolls because the wraps you use to make them are egg based.

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