Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Where Would We Be Without Salt?"

I was cycling this morning on my indoor bike trainer, I was too stubborn to turn my fan on so i began to sweat...A LOT. I know what you're thinking, 'why is she saying this,it's kinda gross.' I'm bringing this up because it's what lead me to start thinking about salt.

Salt-Sodium Chloride (NaCi). A basic little compound that is the chief of all flavors.
If there was no salt, food would be nothing. A world without salt would be the most depressing event to ever occur in the history of forever and the universe. It would be like taking every tragic love story and putting them into a pot and reducing them down until they became the essence of despair.

Salt balances the flavors of a dish,its what keeps them in line so your taste-buds don't revolt and hop off your tongue and leave. (it happened to me once, i had to make so many lemon tarts to get them back.) But I digress.

There are a few foods i think about when i think salt; kettle corn and pork, especially bacon, but that's a different story for a different day. Now many people find kettle corn an odd choice, but i see it as one of the perfect combos of salty and sweet.

Kettle Corn:
1/4 c. coconut or vegetable oil
-3/4c. popcorn kernels
-1/2 c. sugar
-1Tbs salt

Take a large pot,preferably one that is tall. Heat the oil over medium to medium-high heat. Add the kernels,and once you hear them sizzle add the sugar and salt. stir with a wooden spoon to ensure each kernel is coated. Cover the pan, and shake it until you hear the popping lessen. once fully popped toss in a teaspoon of coarse sea salt.
Viola! enjoy and have a cold lemonade while you're at it.

[James Beard quote for title]

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